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Diamond Beneficiation Pivotal

Zimbabwe is by far the richest country on earth with respect to untapped natural resources per person. Teaming with gold, platinum and diamonds, to name but a few, and only 13 million people, the nation has the capacity to become an international economic powerhouse. As Zimbabwe prepares to become the world’s largest diamond producer, accounting … Continue reading

Indigenisation Morally and Economically Justified?

The brave men and women who fought and died for their country, did so not only for political independence, but also for full economic independence. The indigenisation of the Zimbabwean economy and empowerment of black Zimbabweans is both a morally and economically justified chapter in the continuing struggle for independence. As all Zimbabweans are acutely … Continue reading

MDC-T unwilling and unable to have sanctions lifted

Despite British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s confession that Britain will only remove its illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe at the MDC-T’s request, the MDC-T is unwilling and unable to have sanctions lifted. The sad truth behind the MDC-T’s position on sanctions stems from the fact that in the past, the party’s interests coincided with those of … Continue reading

Land Reform Driving Economic Growth

The Minister of Finance has said that Zimbabwe’s economy is set to grow at over 8 per cent, thanks to a surge in agricultural production from beneficiaries of the Land Democratisation Programme. Agrarian reform is cultivating the rise of an indigenous agrarian middle class, capable of serving not only as the drive-chain of an agriculture-led … Continue reading

Zim must Look East

As the global economic balance of power shifts from the West to the East, it is becoming increasingly evident that we are living through the end of 500 years of Western ascendancy. Consequently, Zimbabwe must exercise long-term strategic vision, by perfecting the art of benefiting from China.   Most analysts agree that China will break … Continue reading

Of Diamonds and Sanctions

Zimbabwe’s diamond field in Chiadzwa is home to the largest known concentration of diamonds in the world, which are capable of transforming Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes. Consequently, the British-led concerted propaganda campaign, seeking to have Zimbabwe expelled from the Kimberly Diamond Certification Process, must be seen as a crucial component of ruinous economic sanctions, pursuant to … Continue reading

Lifting Sanctions Will Spark Zimbabwe’s Economy

The conventional wisdom concerning sanctions is that the devastating financial burden imposed upon the citizenry of target nations will result in citizens’ dissatisfaction with the government. This view espouses that ultimately, the citizenry shall either put enough pressure on their regime to alter its policies in accordance with the demands of the sender state – … Continue reading

Is the US – China Cold War Zimbabwe’s Lifeline?

                                                             Photo:AE Library The emergence of China as an economic powerhouse and gradual shift of power from West to East provide Zimbabwe’s  inclusive government with a unique opportunity to hasten economic recovery. Strengthening Sino-Zimbabwe economic relations will enable Zimbabwe to use China as a counterweight to the traditional Anglo-American dominated stranglehold on the economy. Appreciation of the Sino-American … Continue reading

Indigenisation must Empower Women

The indigenisation and democratisation of the Zimbabwean economy is not merely a moral initiative designed to overthrow the legacy of a past discriminatory colonial economic system but a pragmatic development strategy to unleash the nation’s full economic potential. However, neither the past’s wrongs nor future’s promise can be addressed without prioritising women’s economic empowerment. In … Continue reading

Zim election battle: Entreprenurship v Employment

The 2012 elections will be a watershed moment for Zimbabwe. The two main political parties have drastically different economic visions for the nation’s future. While one party is promoting an ‘Investment, jobs and upliftment plan’ through increased foreign direct investment so as to bolster domestic production and create jobs, the other main political party wants … Continue reading


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